Multiple ‘Threads’ of Posts – possibe?

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    I have a blog, and would like to be able to create two threads, or streams, of posts. Think of it as a set of posts and a set of sub-posts. The idea is this (for in80clicks blog)
    Thread 1: travel related posts to be shown on the main blog page
    Thread 2: Other thoughts, which I would like to feed off this, not shown on the main blog page, but to show, post like, under another page.

    This is different to having lots of separate pages. Is this possible to do? It is kind of a sub-blog that presents in blog like fashion and linked to from the main blog page, but the posts do not show up there and all there is is a link from the main page to this sub-blog.

    Feedback on this appreciated.



    Nope, you need two blogs. You can’t do that at

    You could use categories, but then all your posts will appear on the main blog post, and posts in each category would appear on each local category page. If you don’t want any page where all your posts are displayed, you will have to use separate blogs.


    It sounds like you may want to register a second blog for the second stream of posts, and provide links from one to the other.

    I seem to recall seeing a recent thread that was similiar to this, but don’t recall what the terms were that might turn it up in a search; anyone happen to have a reference to it?



    There are four or five such threads. I have zero luck with the forum search, though. The conclusion is, you need separate blogs. Use the same theme and link them extensively in the sidebars.


    actually I think I have seen that on some wordpress blog. I dont remember which one. if you find the answer, please tell me. I would like to know it as well.



    If YOU find one, tell me. I’ve seen plenty that work this way, but none of them at

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