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Multiple User Roles - What do they Mean?

  1. I have multiple users on my blog. What's the difference between 'Author', 'Editor' and 'Contributor'? Do they have different levels of access and if so .. what do they include?

  2. Here's a link for you to read. Please note that there is a search function in these forums that would have found you the answer. It's covered in the FAQ:)

    Hope this helps,

  3. Thanks Dr Mike! Will use the search form the next time ..

  4. Not a problem. I need to do a FAQ on how to search for stuff around here and different methods to use. That may help...

    Good luck,

  5. Thanks dr.mike.when i go to the user options, there is author option, but how do i set the levels--0,1,2, etc.
    there is no provision for that.
    Can user members post images?

  6. Um, not sure what you're looking at. When I view DashBoard -> Users -> Authors & Users -> Add User From Community, I see a drop down menu with Subscriber, Contributer, Author, etc. Not sure where you're getting the numbers from.

    I know everyone assigned Contributer and above can write a post. I see no reason why they wouldn't be able to upload a picture. (Never come up before actually)

    Good luck,

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