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  1. I have created two WP blogs - but I want to be able to write to them under different user/author names and not have them linked in any way. When I try to invite myself (with the same, or a different email address, seems to make no difference) it either says I have used the authorisation link already, or it takes me to the page where you sign up for a new blog. I don't want a new blog, I just want to operate as two completely independent authors or user names? Am a bit frustrated! Please help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The e-mail address registered with your username account is your unique identifier. When you are logged in under that username account and register a blog that blog will be registered under that username and that email address.

    To completely disassociate two blogs currently registered to the same username we register another username with a different email address, while we are logged out of Then we add the new username as an Admin to the blog we want to transfer to that username, and use this process to transfer the blog to the new username account.

  3. OK, all going well till the final step... in my amateur attempts to make things work earlier, I issued lots of invitations to myself under different email addresses. Now it tells me that I "can't use an activation key you've created for someone else" - except that the original activation didn't appear to work. Is there any way of removing history? No other user names show up on my list, despite my attempts to add several earlier today.

  4. I'll flag this thread for Staff attention and they will help you sort this.

  5. Patience is obviously a virtue, I just tried again, and this time it let me in. Have transferred the blog to the new user name. All sorted. Many thanks for your help.

  6. Hooray! That's the best news I have heard so far today. Happy blogging. :)

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