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    How can I register users for my blog? I want only the registered useres to use the blog.



    Depends on what you want your registered users to be doing with the blog. If you want them to be able to read and post, then please read the FAQ concerning “Can a single blog have multiple authors and editors?” You may also want to hit DashBoard -> Options -> General -> Membership and make sure the “Users must be registered and logged in to comment ” box is checked.

    If you want them to be the only ones with access to your blog, even just to view it, then you’ll probably do better with Paid Hosting as that would require password protecting your site. You could also password protect each and every post but that would be a pain after awhile I would think.

    Good luck,



    Thanks DR.mike.I want the registered users to only read and post comments.I have checked the box you mentioned.



    I agree with paid hosting to password protect your blog. You could setup a whole user managment system on paid hosting.

    Joseph Cheng

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