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Multiple videos side-by-side

  1. Hello,

    I am trying to have two videos (from Vimeo) displaying side by side. There are both set up with rather small width and height, and the shortcuts work fine (both display well). However, no matter what I do, they do not display side by side, but rather, one on top of the other. Are we only allowed a single video short cute per editor line?

    [vimeo 27300206 w=150&h=100] [vimeo 27305019 w=150&h=100] <<<<<< they stackup and don't display side-by-side.

    Could you please help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The maximum displayed image width on your theme is stated here > That width will be a factor as well whether or not you choose a layout with 1 or 2 sidebars / with no sidebar..

  3. Thank you for answering timethief, but that does not seem to be the case here. The compounded width of both videos together is 300. That is way less than the maximum allowed width (630).

  4. Does this help?

    To get them side-by-side, the best way is to use an HTML table (3 columns) and then insert the videos into the cells of the table. Since the WordPress editor does not have a table function, you will either have to hand code the HTML, or use one of the online HTML table creators. This is one I've used before and it works well: . After creating the table, you copy all the code and then insert it into the post in the HTML tab.

    You will have to do some playing around with the video widths to get them and the table to fit in the post/page area without breaking the theme. If the table is too wide for the available area, it will break the theme.


  5. I also thought of a table, as I would normally do in a html design. But, as you've mentioned, I found no table funciton. A pity I think. I will try your link and see what I can do to solve my problem. I really appreciate your help. All the best!

  6. I hope this works for you. Thank you for your well wishes. I send you mine in return.

  7. Update: it has already worked fine! Shalom and thank you kindly.

  8. That's so good to hear. Thanks for sharing your good news and all my best to you. :)

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