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multiple ways to find blogs....

  1. Why isn't there a simple search box? Even on the reader page where you can kinda search by topic, there's no box for a search. There's a wordpress supported blog I'm trying to get to called http://www.running_foodie, and when I go directly to the link it tells me to login to wordpress, but my login doesn't work. When I just go to where I AM logged in, there's no way for me to get to the blog I want. I love MY blog, not that's I've sorta figured out how to do it, I find this SITE frustratingly not intuitive in so many ways. On the readers/topic page in the search box I should just be able to type "running_foodie" and have it take me to that page. Instead it gives me a Doctors blog... weird
    Blog url:

  2. That's not a correct URL for the blog you're talking about. We really need to know the exact URL to help you.

  3. Should it matter, though? The link was to http://www.RUNNING_FOODIE...whatever. And the login page was a login (that didn't work, oddly). "Running_Foodie" *should* be more than enough for wordpress to find the page you're looking for. This is the one complaint I really have about WordPress. I know where to find me. I know where to find the people I've followed/who've followed me. I can look around at general topics. Maybe I'm used to dating sites where you can look up people by region, age, sex and facebook where you can somewhat do the same, or look by name. Here I feel like my ONLY option is a general "Art" or "Politics" search. I can't quite communicate what's missing, but it's just not FUN going searching for interesting sites. Maybe the profiles for each site are lacking. Regardless, I'm just looking for an answer to how to find this one site, without having to re-login when I already AM logged in. And why wordpress can't find it.

  4. besides the dash instead of underscore

  5. It matters because that's a private blog. We can't see ANYTHING about it. You have to just deal with staff.

    By the way, because your blog is private, it's invisible to search.

  6. Duh.

    (couldn't help myself)

  7. aignaciodc - when you are logged in (which you can do from the main page of , click on your name on the upper right.

    This will give you a list of all the blogs you are a member of. So you can find them again. ;)

  8. bummer.. my blog was supposed to be anonymous, but not private/un-findable. Now I hear I'm private, so nobody can search me, but my bloody email address seems to be there for everyone to find. nice.

    These are the kinds of problems I have with wordpress, it's not that I haven't looked everywhere that seems logical to know what my settings are. It's that the settings don't make sense. Nobody can search me, but every time I make a comment my email address is broadcast with it? oy. The whole Gravatar thing is a complete mystery to me. Why does it seem to be a separate website from wordpress? I don't use a "gravatar" (whatever that is) anywhere else. blugh.. 5 minutes of trying to understand how wordpress works and I'm mentally shot.

    Thanks for the help everyone. It's been instructive! :)

  9. yeah..profile page says email_____ "used for notifications, but not published"

    so why does it seem to be published. "not published" should mean nobody can see it.


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