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Multiple weblogs

  1. I was wondering something about setting up multiple weblogs. Does every weblog get its 3 GB or is 3 GB available to one account?

  2. Every blog gets the 3GB allowance. I've been here six years and haven't come close to using it all up, so don't worry about it too much.

  3. Yes, 3 GB is a lot of space. I wasn't worrying, just wondering. Thought I might just ask. At least I have an impression that I can get along with it for a long time. Thanks.

  4. You can purchase more storage space if you end up needing it (especially if you're going to have a lot of media files or want to include audio on your site).

    For more information on the Space Upgrade, see

    You're also welcome to have multiple blogs on different topics, and like raincoaster said, each one starts with 3GB.

  5. Checked it. By the time I need more then 3GB the world would probebly look different since I got an impression what I can do with that 3 GB:-) Thanks anyway.

  6. Hey, you never know. My first computer ran with 1mb RAM and I maxed it out at 4mb. My friend had a 20mb external hard drive and I was so jealous. Point being, today it might seem like a lot, but 100 photos later...

    Anyway, you may never need the space, but it's always an option if you do. :)

  7. You are right, what looks a lot today might be less tomorrow with all de new technics. I red an article, not so long ago, about HD drives red bij laser. The HD would then be able to store 200 times the storage of todays HD. So a 500 GB HD would become a 100.000GB HD, or 100TB HD. The price could stay like it is, the laser just seems to create the posibility of enormous storage. That is the future but if that kind of storage is available you might offer some more free space:-)

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