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Multiples posts of the same entry on Reader feed

  1. I found a topic who's author had the exact same problems I am having so I have copied and pasted their post:

    "I have been learning how to use the wordpress Reader in order to follow other people's blogs. To see how my blog posts look like in the reader I followed my own blog, which is helpful in re-designing my posts.

    But to my dismay I found that my posts are listed multiple times, apparently with different timestamps. It appears if someone follows my blog they maybe getting spammed and seeing multiple copies of these posts."

    I don't know how this could have come about, but I do repeatedly edit and update posts after I've published them because the blog is still new and in progress.

    I cannot find a place where I can control/delete these duplicates. I don't want to spam anyone and put followers off so if anyone could help that would be brilliant.

    Many thanks,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've found a solution whereby I deleted the post and made a new one, and then unfollowed and refollowed myself. It appears that by scheduling a post (either for the past or future) can result in duplicate posts appearing on the Reader feed.

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