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    is there any free site (should support direct image linking) were i can upload several images at the same time and also get a html code for adding all those images one my page?

    for example, i upload 20 images and then ill get a html code for all those 20 images in one code so that i can past it into my blog without adding the pictures one by one. I know that imageshack has that future but that site often down and they have a 100mb bandwidth limit.




    I use flickr to upload my photos, but in terms of getting the HTML for all the photos at one time, I think you are still having to grab the html from each photo.




    Photobucket also works very well.
    In fact, you can ftp load or one by one and to load them to your blog, you have the option to have them show in thumb nail size and click for larger version.



    that photbucket seems nice, =) is there anyway to change the thumbnail size?


    Photobucket and Flickr are the top two I think. But Flickr I think has a limit of 200 pictures unless you upgrade.



    you can make sets in flickr and point to the url of the set. But without the upgrade you’re only allowed three sets



    Thumbnail size is set because the size is set in US law; Image posts thumbnail size don’t require legal clearance.


    imagecave creates thumbnails when you upload images and they give you the codes. i don’t know if they are fast enough or how much space you are allowed. also don’t attempt to have multiple accounts under a username or else….

    …….they will delete your account

    here is a review of free image hosting sites

    might be useful!


    We also have to check into how long the images will last. Read the terms to see how long they keep images before deleting them from their servers.



    yeah photobucket seems to be the nicest of them, too shame that we cannot multi upload images here at wordpress since i already have a 5gb account here, but its worth the price that photbuckets takes for the 5gb account.
    its a pain to upload 10-40 pictures at wordpress ;)



    check up OmniDrive — they allow batch uploading (via HTTP).

    so far, based on my experience with large files (~700MB), their Java applet (‘Advanced Uploading’) happened to be the best working for me from a variety of uploading clients they offer.

    as they are currently in public Beta and have some peculiar refund policy conditions, I’d recommend check their Free plan first (1GB of storage, 5GB of bandwidth/mo, unlim. file size) just to make sure it’s working as you would expect it should.



    ill go with photobucket, the only thing that i dont like with them is that they use their name at “alt” tag “Photobucket – video and image hosting”


    speaking of photobucket, they use not only the alt tag but also link to their site by default, no?

    you have been using photoucket by deleting their default alt tag and also the link back to them. do you know for sure that we can do that and not face the risk of image deletion?
    any help will be much appreciated.

    if anyone knows, do let us know here. :D



    If you just use the URL of the image in the Visual editor and don’t allow the link to go through, it should be fine. You don’t HAVE to link back to them; nothing in the ToS about it that I’ve found.

    I’ve been using Photobucket for years and the only reasons they’ve deleted images from my account are nudity (even LEONARDO DA VINCI NUDES for God’s sake), religious references they didn’t like, and political references they didn’t like. And they threatened to delete my account when I questioned them. This is why I’m hosting most of my images here now.



    i love to host my images here at worldpress too ( i even bought a 5gb account). but its a pain to upload 50 pictures ONE BY ONE here at worldpress. thats why im using photobucket. just edit the tag line.. my pictures isnt linked back to photobucket so i dont know what you guys are talking about ;)


    about that imagecave,
    don’t go for it folks!

    i have recently found out that they threaten to delete your images if you don’t sign in at least once a month. :(

    photobucket doesn’t throw such tantrums. thank god.


    I would stick with Photobucket. Just don’t upload any nudity because I heard they delete it. And a lot use Flickr but the limit for that album is 200 pictures. Photobucket is a bit more.



    I just came across They do allow hotlinking. You get 1000 photo storage to start with and then 100 more per month added on (that’s the free account). They use photo count rather than storage space. I’ve yet to get the batch uploader to work though (the one that can take a whole directory). It crashes Firefox for me every single time. But this might be a Firefox + Fedora + Flash version nightmare. I haven’t tried it on Windows yet so YMMV. Because I haven’t gotten the stupid uploader to work (there’s still an uploader that will allow one at a time) I don’t know how posting entire albums works.

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