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    I’ve set up as a place for people to share their interest in mowing with scythes.
    I’d like lots of people to be able to get involved and put up posts. Can you help with some advice.
    At the moment I’m adding people as contributors but 1) it means I will have to review everything before it’s published (not a big deal as i’d like to read it anyway) 2)they can’t put up images.
    If I make everyone an author then I’m concerned that I’ll rapidly run out of space if there’s lots of folk all posting their photos.

    Is there a way that contributors can embed a link to a picture hosted somewhere else (eg Flickr) by putting the code in their post so it’s not uploaded to wordpress, another way for them to show their pics or am I worrying unnecessarily about the space issue? The contributor role seems very meagre without being able to show photos.

    Advice on this and any other tips on running this kind of blog appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is


    Yes, they can put links into the posts they create. They highlight the words they want to use as the link, and then they click the link button and put in the link to the image and click insert.



    hi, thanks for the reply.
    Yes, they can make a link to an image but then it isn’t shown as part of the post. I can insert an image ‘from URL’ so it’s hosted elsewhere but visible on the page. This is what I really want my contributors to be able to do, is it possible?



    Not unless you promote them. Do NOT make them admins, but the contributor role is a very limited one. If you make them authors/editors they will be able to publish without you reviewing their posts, but you can simply request that they set them as Draft until such time as you want to publish them after you’ve had a chance to read them.

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