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  1. How do I post a u tube link?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. yes. Not very helpful in terms of creating music links. Sorry

  3. If you do not link your username to your blog as explained in the thread raincoaster referenced, then every time you post a question in the forums you will need to include a link to your blog please.

  4. ok. I have the flu, however am determined to do this. Please give me step by step directions.

  5. You will also need to search the forum and Support, as indicated in that thread. Because the instructions are there already.

  6. Thnanks, but I still don't see the instructions. My name is linked to my blog. Please give me the instructions.

  7. It's #2 in the thread raincoaster referenced.

    For the youtube, search the support pages for "youtube" and there is an explanation of exactly how to do it complete with a video near the bottom you can watch explaining how to do it.

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