Music and Blogs – NOT (quite) the same as the FAQ!

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    Dear Anyone.

    I’m a brand new blogger. On my dashboard, where it lets you upload stuff, there’s two little notes which say ‘Upload Music’. So I click on them and all the file types listed are TEXT or GRAPHIC files, no MP3s allowed, I’ve tried Ogg Vorbis, .WAV, .WMV….

    I know it says about buying extra space for music files, but I know I’ve got 3 gig and it’s a titchy little 8meg piece of music. So I don’t need to buy more space, am I right in this, as it will easily fit within my allowance.

    So why is there an ‘upload music’ icon if none of the listed allowable filetypes are Music filetypes? What’s the point of it?

    Yours very puzzledly

    Chris. (ulrichburke on site).



    Host your mp3files in Google Docs./

    The other Upload options are for those with the paid upgrade/.

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