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music in my blog

  1. Is there any way I can have music playing in the background of my blog?

  2. Search the Forums for audio.

  3. You can probably do it with the sonic widget I believe although do note that you will alienate a lot of people who visit your blog.

  4. Forum search box results

    And I'm with drmike.
    I hate it when bloggers force their musical choices on me.
    My browser = My music.

  5. I find it useful not to have music playing automatically in the background also. I do have the Sonic widget in the sidebar, but it's in the "off" position. And when posting a particular piece of music audio with WP audio to go along with an article, the music is automatically posted as off (thus, it becomes the viewer's choice about whether to listen to it or not).

  6. yup, forcing music on people ranks up there with changing the mouse icon. Do it once and i'll never visit again, no matter how good the site is. If you want to use music on your site buy the upgrade here (i think its the space one) or use one of the widgets. Personally i think the current options are prettybad, im still hoping for the staff to accept divshare :)

  7. excellent! thanks everyone!

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