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Music in post stuck on "buffering"

  1. happylifeandme

    I've added music to the following blog post:

    When I click to play the music, it doesn't play. It continues to read buffering. I've re-uploaded the files a few times. And I've repeated the instructions for inserting the music.

    What else can I do?

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's because the files you have uploaded are m4as. The audio player works with mp3s only.

  3. happylifeandme

    Thank you. M4A is listed as an acceptable file to upload. How can I use those files?

  4. You can upload them only if you have the space upgrade and I believe Videopress upgrade as well. If you just want to use the audio, you're better off converting them and using them according to the Audio Player instructions.

  5. As I said, the audio player works with mp3s only. What you can upload and what you can use or how you can use it aren't the same thing. Fore example, you can upload PDFs as well, but you can only link to the file you uploaded, not embed and display the actual PDF in a post.

  6. happylifeandme

    Thank you

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