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Music Not playin

  1. hi guys,
    i uploaded an mp3 in rapidshare and gace the link to the audio player but the music is not playin ...anyone can help

  2. I think the URL you put in there is not correct. This is what I see in the code:

  3. i dunno if rapidshare streams audio so i tried another but still dosent seem to work...i tried unlinkin too its still not workin...wat might be the problem
    this is the new link

  4. it just keeps buffering
    can u suggest me some sites that stream mp3 files
    thank u in advance

  5. Take a look at this thread:
    There are several suggestions about MP3 hosting options that have worked for some of us already. Google Pages is popular.

  6. i tried music there is no buffering and it shows erroe opening file. what might be the problem now...

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