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Music on background

  1. Hey guys, i'm new to wordpress, and was previously using blogspot to host my blogs,
    I would like to ask, how can i put some music on my blog background?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi,

    I hav'nt read the thread but this may help:

  3. "Music on a blog background" - NO. A background is an image.
    If you mean music that automatically blasts at a reader when they connect with your site then I urge you to re-consider. The idea of having a blog is to attract traffic to it. If a reader cclicks on your site and hears something they don't like they may not stick around to read the content you have posted and may be so annoyed they will never return again. The best way to handle music is to allow your readers to have the choice of clicking on it and listening or not. :)

  4. If you must do it, and I agree with TT - give the readers the choice - then the sonific sidebar widget is the way to go. It will allow autplay on load for background music.

  5. Thanks for the advice and information on how i could add the music into my blog.

    As for the possibility that someone who visits my blog and leaves because of the music, i'm not very concern about it, as my main reason for the blog is to reach out to my friends and any other visitors will be considered a bonus to me.

    Thanks julienne and timethief for the links, i'll look through them once i have the time, as i'm in a rush to get something done now.

    Thanks alot.

  6. You're welcome.

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