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    I went to the FAQ section on how to put music on my blog. I am wanting a specific mp3. So, I put the follwoing on per the FAQ section #1 as follows:


    There is no player nor music playing just this same text shows in the blog. What did I do wrong or need to do to get this Mp3 on my blog?

    The mp3 is located here:



    Are you using the visual editor? That’s what I use and it works fine. But you MUST break the active link on the MP3 using the “broken link” icon for it to work. Try that and report back: you just go to Edit, put the cursor on the link, and click on the broken link icon.

    Update: yes, it works fine for me when I do that.



    Strange as i just tried it and got a Not found for that URL.



    He must have moved it. It USED to work fine, a nice piano piece.


    Hey Raincoaster,

    Thanks I think I have it working now. I also put a second sonic soundspot on as well. However, it seems to take forever to buffer and load. Was too much time for this than I expected. However, at least I have music now. Thanks for your help.

    @ drmike,
    The music is up and running. You can check it out and see if it works for you.

    Thanks for your help.



    Hmm, works now. Must be those SixApart gremlings yet again. :)

    Sorry if I scared you.


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