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Music On Your Blog - Yes? No?

  1. I was just wondering what everyone thought of having music on a blog. Do you think it's tacky? Distracting? Is it something that could be good but in moderation?

    {chuckle} Do I detect mischief in your eye? Opinions? Are you soliciting opinions?

    I hate autoplay music on blogs and if and when I hit on blogs that blast me with the blogger's music choices I blast them in absentia, then I click out and never return again.

    I have only rarely experienced autoplay music that I could tolerate. I like to know who the musician is and what the title of the tune is and then make the choice to click or not to click.

  3. Maybe. maybe not! I know it drives some people crazy, and cause them to hit the back button. I read through a blog yesterday that had music. it was easy listening, and I didn't shut it off.

  4. There are threads in the forum search box full of opinions on this subject. :) I believe you will find the majority indicate that the choice to listen or not to listen ought to be left to the visitor.

  5. I like using the WordPress audio player. It seems to load quickly even for those on dialup and it gives people the choice of what they want to hear. I put out suggestions, but even though I'm a dictator I wouldn't mandate autoplay. It only makes sense if you're a band; heck, I heard one on Myspace last night that was awesome, so I've bookmarked them. But it's usually tinny, overwraught tunes from Beauty and the Beast or some generic emo crap.

    Remember that not everyone who comes to your blog will already know and appreciate your taste. You'll get people from search engines, people using Next Blog, Tag Surfer, etc.

  6. I also detest autoplay music on any site, even if it's music I like. Many listen to their own music while surfing....and to suddenly find 2 music tracks fighting each over the top of each other leaves the surfer scrambling for one of two options.....whichever is easier.....a "stop the fu#kin music" button tucked somewhere (possibly, if the web designer decided to include one) on the page or the "back" button.

    It also steals your bandwidth by assuming you want to download a bigger file, even if you don't like it....which is the height of arrogance for those with monthly bandwidth caps on their ISP deal. If you really wanna be a ghettoblaster site, then set it NOT to play by default, and only to load when clicked....that way you let your surfers stay in control.

    Personally I always leave, never to return, it's a guaranteed way to turn me off, which means you lose me before you've had a change to get me...since I won't bother looking at anything else on the site. I think of it like the internet version of the car driving past your house with it's sounds loud enough to be heard streets's not about the car occupants enjoying the's a "look at me, look what cool music I listen to" thing.

    Music, like a lot of things is personal taste, by forcing yours on others it will turn people away.

  7. @crysacraig
    Welcome to wordpress. How do you like us so far ... lol :D

  8. I am loving wordpress. LOL! I don't mind people expressing their opinions. We wouldn't be individual people other wise.

    I agree with dirkgently. I do listen to music as I surf, and I have come onto a site and was blasted with other music. I was not impressed.

  9. Hmmm ... and what did dirk say that I didn't say in fewer words and in my first response to you? {she queried with raised eyebrows} ;D

  10. LOL timethief. Alright! No music on my blog. I get it! Really I just wanted to see what people's thoughts were. Is there a opinions board?

  11. There's an off-topic forum at the bottom of the main forums page, if that helps. But we're all pretty opinionated on WordPress; that's why we're bloggers!

  12. Hey crysacraig come on over to the off-topic forum and the forum volunteers will show you the other side of wp blogging ... lol :)

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