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  1. Hi, I've been looking everywhere but I can't find it. Does anyone know is it possible to insert a music player on my blog that will play automatically or not? If not I'm sure someone here knows anything of that type I could use.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have the same question. I'm interested in having music play automatically when people visit my home page, with a super easy button to turn it off ... thanks!

  3. Hi. See here please:

    P.S. For some visitors, autoplay can make the difference between staying on the website or clicking on the X button and never coming back. Personally, I belong in the second category.

  4. As I'm saying in that post, "many users like to –or have to– browse in silence, or while listening to the music they prefer; imposing some music to your visitors is a guaranteed way to lose some of them". Like airodyssey (and me), many users won't bother looking for a stop button: they'll close your page faster than you can say "off" and never return again.

  5. When I visit a blog with autoplay music it's the last time I will ever visit it.

  6. tengo muchos problemas con mi blog. quisiera tener un manual que sea muy claro. para entender todas las funciones,

  7. It depends what the music is, if it's super sessy I'll hang around for a few seconds :)

  8. @hormigasazules: You are posting on the English forum. For assistance in your language, use the link below.

    Español (Spanish) :

  9. @hormigasazules
    Italiano (Italian) :

  10. @airodyssey
    YIKES! I was wrong. Next time I will double check.

  11. @ardpete
    Not helpful ...

  12. Sorry I just wanted to say not everyone will switch off the moment the music is heard, I'll switch off the music then check out the blog properly if I'm not liking the music.

    Anyway enough chiming in from me for one night.

  13. Alright thanks for the help, this helped me make my mind up. No auto-playing music on my site:)

  14. None of us like music or anything else imposed on us when options can be provided. I think it's important to give readers an opportunity to make the choice to turn off their own music and to click the link to hear yours. :)

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