music player: can the size of the text field be increased?

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    The field in the music player that displays the title of the track and song artist seems to allow too few characters and cuts off the text once published. I’ve tried fiddling with the caption and description field in the media file itself (adding br tags and such) but that doesn’t seem to do anything. Can the size of the field be increased to accommodate more characters?

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    At this this time, I believe that the Text size on the Music Player widget CAN NOT be changed. Sorry about that. (Ask me if you have any more questions)



    Actually, just to be clear, I don’t mean the size of the text. I mean the size of the text box (as in make it bigger to accommodate more text). I was actually able to do it once but I don’t recall how and it may have had *something* to do with me moving from the text widget (inside which I put code for a player) to the formal music player widget. At any rate I have one file which does display properly with an expanded box, but nothing else since works. Kind of weird.

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