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    The FAQ page on music purports to provide a method of causing a little music player thingie to appear in a page — but it isn’t working for me. Check out All that happens is that the text inside the [audio] block is a link. That’s okay, but (a) it’s ugly, and (b) it’s not what the FAQ says is supposed to happen.

    Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to fix this?

    Also, is there a sexier Flash Player plug-in I could use instead?

    –Jim Aikin



    Interesting. I couldn’t get it to work with your exact code, either. Maybe there is a problem with the player. Try sending a support request in.

    No, there is not another player available. And we can’t use plug-ins here. (Plus flash is not allowed, either.)



    Are you in HTML mode when you insert the [audio] command? If you’re in visual mode it probably is just putting text in your post.


    Did you just correct it? Your players show and function ok now that I visited your post (on a Mac, with both Firefox & Safari).

    By the way, some of us have been using the audio player with no problems whatsoever: “isn’t working for me” does not so readily translate into “purports to”.



    I also use one on my site. I can click and play your tracks in IE7– hopefully no more problems on your end?


    flaneur13: Note the date of Jim’s original post (which I also didn’t when I gave my previous reply, thereby misguiding you as I was misguided by tsayler’s recent reply)! The problem has obviously been solved long ago.




    I have the same problem with the [audio] shortcode. I try using it on a text widget but the player that is supposed to appear won’t show. Would you help me out?

    Many thanks in advance! :)



    It does not work in a text widget.

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