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Music player on WordPress?

  1. anchorsanddreams


    I am wishing to put a music player on my site. I have read many other forums asking this question. Still haven't found a solution, if it exists. Thanks in advance!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. anchorsanddreams

    Awesome. Will any of those allow it to autoplay in the sidebar instead of a post? I know there are many plugins for it, but I obviously do not have access to plugins. Thanks again!

  3. Autoplay? You're on your own. I know how to make Autoplay work, but it's so obnoxious to me that I won't help someone find it.

  4. anchorsanddreams

    alright well nevermind then..

  5. It's in the link I gave you somewhere.

  6. The music player doesn't work on widgets, just in case you come back and ask us why it's not working for you. It is a very good idea to have an audio player on a WordPress blog to offer a nicetrack of music or allow people to choose music to listen to on .
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  7. @anchorsanddreams
    The player does not provide autoplay music. Alternative audio players can be used in sidebars, provided you select a suitably narrow player, or resize one to fit >
    sidebar width by theme >

    Examine what I posted. Eaxmine what you posted. Please don't post into any support threads unless you have specific answers to the questions posed. Cruising around and posting empty comments on these forums will only bring you the kind of attention you won't like.

  8. anchorsanddreams

    Thanks everyone!! @Technologyandcomputer and @timethief

  9. "The music player doesn't work on widgets".
    Wrong: the WP audio player can be used in a text widget.

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