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Music player says the player is to small to play the video

  1. The music player widget was working all of a sudden it says the player is to small to play the video. I've been posting song, just one, from youtube. Is anyone out there having the same problem?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Could you please send the link of the page or post that includes the video you are referring to?

  3. Yes, sorry about that ...Its my page The music player widget has been playing just fine with songs I've posted from youtube..Until about the past week...Now it won't play the video at all and instead when I click on it to play it is saying, Video player is too small. Is there perhaps another player I can download to use other than using the music player widget?

  4. Are you referring to the video in the sidebar? What error message do you see?

  5. Yes, I'm referring to the video and music player in the sidebar..When I click on play the message I see is saying"the video player is to small" . And the song isn't playing and nor is the video. Just black static and that message displayed

  6. I see the issue here. You've used the music player widget to add a video, but it's only meant for audio files instead.

    You can add a Text Widget to add a Youtube video to your sidebar: . I've just added one for you at

    You can read more about embedding and resizing Youtube videos at

  7. Ohhhh ok thank you so much! I'm headed there now to figure it out..

  8. Question...I am still having problems embedding a youtube video onto that text widget you put on my side bar for me. I found a youtube tutorial on how to do it too...I copied and pasted from the share option on a music video I'd like to post..and then saved it under the text widget. And still; nothing. Do you have any hints for me on how to do it? I do appreciate your help..

  9. Sorry for the delay! It looks like you fell through cracks, and I do apologize about that.

    We actually don't support Youtube's embed code, but you can still easily embed any Youtube video following this guide:

    For the Text widget, you'll need to specifically use the shortcode option:

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