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    I already posted this in a support thread. We need to be able to put music players in the sidebar. Not just Sonific. Sonific is only good if you want their very limited selection which is largely not the original artists only. Bloggers want their own MP3 or MIDI files to play and not just in individual posts as your support person tried to push for. We should be able to have windows media or other players embedded in a widget, in the sidebar playing our own background music which continues as users browse our posts. Whats so difficult?



    What’s so difficult about keeping your posts to one thread instead of spamming the forum?

    As I said in the other thread:

    If you can’t understand why does not allow a free range of multimedia players, you need to read all the FAQs and all the posts over again, because you just didn’t get the whole issue. It’s a security thing.

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