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    I try to use the first metod of having music on my blog. So i asked a friend to host my music files on his server. He did that and send me the link. I used the option [audio link]. But nothing good happens. The music player comes on and buffers and after that says error opening file. What can I do. Please help with that. Thanks a lot!



    We need a link to your blog as well as a link to the file you are trying to play.



    link to my blog:
    Link to file:


    Paste the following into the HTML tab in the post you wish the file to appear in. Do not put it into the visual tab. Something seems to be amiss with the “add music” function, and also with putting the audio shortcode in the visual editor. It does however work if you paste it into the HTML tab. I’m listening to it now from my test blog.




    Tnx a lot thesacredpath. My friend is into IT but he could not fixed it. And it was really dissapointing for me. So tnx a lot again. You made my evening.


    You’re welcome. I’ve had spotty (at best) luck putting the audio code into the visual editor, and the same with the “add audio” function, but I’ve had very few problems when I put the code into the visual editor. That is why I always do it that way. I do it that way with youtube and dailymotion videos as well. Just works better.



    Um, I think you meant “I’ve had very few problems when I put the code in the HTML editor.”


    Ah yes, thanks for that correction, I did indeed mean the HTML editor.



    Hi, I don’t know if you will see this post…

    I had the same problem as Etajul13 (by the way, hai Romania ;) ! )…
    Thanks for telling to put the file in the HTML editor.

    But i have another pb now… it’s “buffering” very long time and i don’t think it’s working. (I have to say that i’m a truly beginner at all computer stuffs…)
    I took my file on Jiwa. and in the bar the adress that i paste in WP doesn’t end by “mp3”.. maybe it’s because of that that it doesn’t work?
    my blog adress :
    the link to the file i tried to make : [audio

    Thanks a lot !!



    I had this issue just last week. The first question is are you using the correct hotlink from the file that was hosted? If so, what vivianpaige did was to inform me that when you use the [audio ] shortcode, you have to highlight the actual hotlink [audio within the code brackets and then click the un-link button in the editor. This allows the audio player to hotlink to the file you have hosted somewhere. Once done, save the edits and view the page. The embedded player should buffer and then play your file.


    (cocodidi’s question transferred and answered here:)



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