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Music that makes a Catchy toon for your Blog

  1. pimpkinandhazel

    I'm trying to get "Brown Sugar' by the Rolling Stones, change from all my friends that have the black eyed peas, BOO! That goes to the black-eyed peas, what do you all suggest?

  2. If you want music on your blog then I suggest that you read these instructions because they will help you to accomplish this

  3. Oh, timethief,

    I've learned of this great way to post audio (spoken or music) to our blogs (after my painful experiences with yodel Odio and Odio Studio). It involves using (with or without Audacity). I have to go out and catch a bite to eat, so I'll post about it later. Biut it's great!!

  4. Cool and thanks, in advance, for sharing.

  5. We can ALL use a good alternative to Odeo.

  6. Hi Everyone,

    Well, I hope that I can make this clear. People that want to do it this way, a little futzin' around with these resources on your own, and you're on your way. Note that my goal was to be able to record my own voice and then upload it from my desktop, somehow then onto my blog. Odeo Studio was horrible. Sometimes I couldn't record, and when I could, once on my blog the recording would buffer, buffer, buffer....etc. So here's what I've done:

    1. I needed a good audio recorder. Voila--a wonderful open-source free recorder. For Windows, Mac and Linux: Audacity, free to download at:

    2. So now I can record with Audacity, clean it up, edit and then save in mp3 back to my desktop. Now how to get it onto my blog. Well, thanks to The Status Joe for this magic. First, sign up for a free account with MusicWebTown at:

    3. At MusicWebTowm, you can upload an mp3 file from your desktop and then get an mp3 web address that you just insert into the audio player. (They also have a lot of music there that you can use).

    4. For steps 2 and 3 (above), The Status Joe has given step-by-step instructions to follow that are very clear. These instructions can be found at:

    5. So, then, as an example, this is what I get as an audio voice recording on a memorial posting about the Virginia Tech tragedy. But you could just as well have music audio in it. Here was my first effort:

    I hope that this will be helpful to people.

    Best wishes to everyone.

  7. That is an awesome podcast. Again I say, you should be proud of your contribution to the media coverage of this tragedy.

  8. Thanks, raincoaster. I hope that this method for audio (either for voice or music mp3) helps people, as one alternative to Odeo or Odio Studio (which may well work great for some bloggers, but I couldn't get it to work so well for me).

    Best wishes.

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