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    Is it possible to upload the music on the webpage and when it open the page we
    can hear the music? if possible pls do reply for me. Thanks a lot…..

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes, it’s possible, and people HATE it. But it’s possible.

    THis is what I found by typing “audio” into the search box on the Support page:


    Autoplay videos or audio seriously makes people on the web cranky. I listen to my own music while working and surfing the web and don’t want your stuff walking all over my music, so if that happens I simply hit the browser back button and go away. People covertly surfing the web from work hate it as well since it announces to everyone within hearing distance that they are surfing the web and NOT doing their jobs.



    Auto-play is completely acceptable if it’s a Rickroll.



    to some maybe.


    You got the night off, Matt?



    guys thanks a lot for the reply at least i have some ideas…

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