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    I’m sure this question has been asked 1000 times, but I’m having problems with playing music on my blog. I upgraded my blog so that I could upload my podcast. While the file is in my media section, I insert the file (so I think) and it just displays ‘podcast_1’ as text. I’m not sure what to do from there. Mind you, this file is not uploaded at another site, it’s on wordpress, so how do I embed my podcast in my blog entry and have it available for others to hear. I’m confused with the faq, I’m sure it’s simple. Play by play instructions would help :) thanks!


    You have to insert a “shortcode”, like this:


    …I’m confused with the faq…

    This FAQ: How do I get music on my blog? ?


    so i’ve tried

    and [audio

    and i keep getting error reading file

    it starts to buffer then it says error….still not sure what i’m doing wrong.



    When you are in the Write page, make sure that the link code, ie everything including and after the http, is not a LIVE link. Ie it is not highlighted and underlined in blue. If it is, it will just buffer endlessly. Just click your cursor anywhere in it and hit the “Unlink” button and carry on. Save changes and that should solve it.


    still nothing, ungh…this is such a trip

    I typed:


    Again, I’ve uploaded this podcast to my media space on wordpress….I’m not sure what else i’m doing wrong..

    *shrug* Once I get this though, I’ll never forget how to do it..EVER! Thanks for you help so far guys…I’m almost there…


    oh and i made sure that the above text was not hyperlinked in the write section….



    Okay, then my last guess is your use of _ in the file name. Try renaming and re-uploading the file with no punctuation at all in it.


    But how can you possibly type various versions? You must use the exact URL of the uploaded file (and none of the above seem to be it). Go to the post editor, click Add Media, click Media Library, click “Show” for the file you uploaded, click “File URL” to get it.


    I know what the file name is “facade3_podcast1_honey.mp3”, but I typed in different versions of the url, i.e. and and my player displays, it buffers and then says error reading file. It uploaded fine, it plays fine, but I can’t seem to get it to play from my blog. I’m just trying to figure out what is the correct path to type in…I appreciate the help.


    i figured it out….it was the date… :) thanks


    Glad you worked it out. For the future, keep in mind that there are no “different versions of the url”; the url is what you get the way I mentioned in my previous post (or from the address bar of your browser when a particular file is displayed in it).


    Thanks :)



    i still cannot use player…
    still error……
    i try what u wrote here.
    but until now i cannot do.
    please help me, teach me……




    You need the = after the word audio.







    Still giving errors re upload it by clicking the music icon
    but before re uploading it change the file name so the server
    don’t recognize the file and continue you to give you the error…

    you need to put the this code in HTML mode with your editor

    [audio=MP3 File URL Here]

    you might want to click file URL after uploading it also
    and see it that fixes the error




    Hello ! Isn’t it posible to create, by this way, a multi-player, with several songs ? Thanks !



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