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Music widgets

  1. Is there a way to create more than one Sonific widgets so that you can put up more than one song option? Or is there a way to post a single song from a place like Widgetbox with each post?

    I tried to post the code it had given me but the song still does not come up with the new post.

    Can someone help me out?

  2. Assume that we can't read minds and let us know what code you're trying to put in there please. :)

  3. @drmike
    I think he's referring to this new feature we have.

  4. Go away for a couple of days....


    I'm guessing no but I'll take a look during lunch. If someone would check, I would assume that it would be the same thing like the RSS and text widgets with the drop down at the bottom of the page.

  5. @drmike
    You sound like your using a locked down one tab only college computer. This is what I see. He has the 3 column Fadtastic theme up and it has double sidebars on the right hand side. In the sidebar closest to the blogging column I can see 1/2 of a Sonific music player. It looks to me like there's a problem with the size of the Sonific player being too big for the size of the sidebar.

    re: going away
    I was away for a few days and I am currently considering permanent relocation. Today we have power alleluia! We have water again too. Since yesterday I've been trying to catch up as best I can on all fronts. Camping during the winter is no fun at all. For the last 4 days previous to yesterday we had only 4 hours of power and no water so I only checked in on the forum now and then while I did my own blogging. Currently the ground is utterly saturated with unorganized water overflowing ditches and the winds are rising again. They are predicting hurricane force winds tonight and the advice to those who haven't had power restored since Monday is to abandon their homes. We have animals and are obviously not in a position to evacuate.

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