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Musings of a Politics Junkie

  1. Hi! I recently started a blog with a few of my student friends to write about the state of politics in Washington. We're very new so we would appreciate any comments or insights you may have. Thank you :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. invisiblemikey

    One post? That's it??? And there's more than one of you writing? Not enough material to make a proper estimation of either quality or potential. My advice:

    Publish 10 or so before you ask for feedback.

    As far as your post goes, stop talking about "Politifact" in the third person. If it's your opinion, say so. Also, work on developing a point-of-view all your own. More established sites already give awards like "Lie of the Year". NPR has a show featuring political quotes each week that are judged by a panel on a continuum between truth/weasel/pants on fire. You would have more impact by just drawing a line in the sand and taking off the gloves. Politics is a big show, especially once the primaries begin as they have now. Be entertaining. Good luck!

  3. It must have directed you to the wrong blog. It's on, not on And thank you for the feedback.

  4. And to clarify, Politifact is an actual organization that does the same thing that NPR does in your example. The entire blog post was talking about how Politifact's Lie of The Year and how it was wrong. I was speaking about it in the third person because it is another entity, not because it is an organization or program that I was creating. I would still appreciate it if you could look through (I kept the old address and forgot to change it) and constructively criticize it as you did with your previous post. Thank you.

  5. I'm very into politics myself. In fact my blog The Mainland was originally intended to be a serious critique of politics today...but I felt like reading my posts were like listening to a boring college professor so I switched up and made it more humor/satire based.

    You definitely will need a lot more posts to attract readers and establish yourself as a credible source. There are tons of political blogs out there...tons of any kinds of blogs I guess, so you will need to spend a lot of time writing a lot of content to get noticed.

    I'll follow you though to keep up with your progress.

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