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Musings on Murder, followed by a Rebound

  1. NEW at INVISIBLE MIKEY (I'm peeking at you.)

    Why the Tucson murders were inevitable, PLUS
    a meditation to alter your entire world-view!

    (Though they keep trying, those sneaky spammers.)
    Deep thinking on philosophic topics and the arts.
    Stories, music, videos, and the BEST group of commenters.
    We're waiting for you @ INVISIBLE MIKEY:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The hell mikey !!,why arent you better publicized on here.Adore your writings,and your a doctor who fan !!
    A very diversified collections of thoughts,writings and general opinions
    Stop being invisible,need to see more of what you have to say on here.keep it up.
    I have just set up a blogging friends page,trying to get people better connected on here,drop a comment if your interested,and ill be more than happy to add you

  3. invisiblemikey

    Thanks for the offer, WS, and I appreciate your compliment. I read many blogs occasionally, but I only put ones I subscribe to on the blogroll. My time's limited, and I am happy to have a core daily readership in the dozens rather than in the hundreds. Under those conditions I can maintain a good level of high-quality correspondence with all of them. Unlike many bloggers (and I'm not trying to diss anyone with different motives than mine), I am not particularly interested in fame or social networking. I write to practice writing and thinking, to get better at it. But outside of anything online, I have a complex and satisfying life. Part of my current life requires professional confidentiality, and part of my past was in show business. Nom de plumes are nothing new. Lots of writers use them when they don't want a "known" persona to interfere with a reader's enjoyment of a piece. The "invisible" thing is just an in-joke anyway. You can "see" me in the writing, and I often tell stories from my own life. I'm just anonymous. I hope you accomplish what you seek with your blog!

  4. I like your blog, Invisible Mikey! We seem to have similar sensibilities about some things and I am also a Dr Who fan, Classic Series and New. (plus the continued audio adventures of the 8th Doctor - from the TV movie -grow on me, too)

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