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Muslims Genocide in Barma (Myanmar).

  1. We protest against the Muslims killing in Myanmar. Stop Muslim Killings in Myanmar. Buddhists who claim to be a peaceful nation are killing Muslims only for the religion. The young boys are killed and armed forces are involved in it. The worst thing is that the Government is not taking any notice.

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  2. I didn't hear of any Muslim's killing in Barma (neither on TV channels nor in newspaper). What the hell are you talking about? Is this true. Or you just trying to get cheap publicity? Or: Are you just a troll? (Oh My God I fed it).

  3. Tis true, it happened yesterday. Pesky Buddhists.

  4. Actually I think I may have read the wrong article. Pesky Google.

  5. Pesky day today?

  6. This is true yo boy. Watch this if you are 18+ (+ have a strong heart) and read actual story @ 4:26.

  7. It's quite moving. I join the protest.
    *shedding tears.

  8. really sad news all the muslims and non muslims too should protest against this injustice... real terrorism!! Burma embassy should be banned in every country.
    @hnsaifi you should search first before saying someone a troll..

  9. And you should search for a better sockpuppet now.

  10. LOL! BOOM!

  11. It really took me by surprise when I read about this, discussed it with a patient who was explaining the long checkered past that Burma has when dealing with its ethnic and religious minority groups.

    Extremely sad to see the savagery with which they are killing innocent people.

  12. mahnoorqureshi

    @hnsaifi i am brave enough to comment from my own account if i have to say something i ll write with my own name.

  13. Yes, the killing of innocent people is absolutely terrible whoever is doing the killing and for whatever reason.

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