Must Custom Menu widget display both in navigation bar and in sidebar/footer?

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    I am using the Custom Menu widget (it is awesome!) to control all my navigation.

    In Theme 2010, the Custom Menu shows up in my main navigation bar at the top. Perfect!
    But because of the way the widget is set up, all that navigation shows up again, in its full glory, in my Widgets area (either the sidebar or the footer). This looks odd and repetitive…

    Anybody know of a way around this?


    The blog I need help with is



    You don’t have to use a custom menu widget. It’s for themes that do not have the custom menu feature but Twenty Ten has the custom menu feature. Please see here >


    Just go to Appearance>Widgets, click the Custom Menu widget to open it, and click Delete.

    In Appearance>Menus you can create as many custom menus as you like. The one your top nav menu will display is the one you select from the pulldown in the Theme Locations module, and it has nothing to do with the Custom Menu widget. The Custom Menu widget is used in themes with no top nav, or if you want a different custom menu in your sidebar or bottombar (selected from the widget pulldown).


    Thank you!!!


    Just fixed it – in 30 seconds.

    Seems that many of the questions I ask in this forum can be answered with one click, or one line of CSS code!

    Yet I spend hours puzzling over them! Don’t want to get too dependent on you all, I guess…

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