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Must-have WordPress plugins?

  1. Hi all,

    I am writing a blog post on Must-have WordPress plugins all websites should use.

    Which plugins do you all use and highly recommend?

    Here is my post so far:

    Many thanks,


  2. Since Plug-in's are not allowed at WordPress.COM you are wasting your time asking here

  3. You Must Have posted in the wrong forum.

  4. @RC - can we really trust a person writing about "WordPress" Plugin's that does not know the difference between .ORG & .COM flavors?

  5. What's about a plugin to comply with EU rules on cookies? (cookilian, for example)

  6. You Must Have posted in the wrong forum.

  7. As plugins aren't allowed on, asking in the forums is a good idea:

    Have you searched online for other posts about must have plugins? I've found a number that I've found useful from the posts of writers that I follow.

    I'm now closing this thread.

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