Must login to comment on blogs !?!?!

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    I’ve been blogging for quite a while and used to comment on other wordpress blogs over the years… but a while back it all changed as you needed to log in every time you comment which made me stop commenting as often… What did WordPress change that f**ked up the commenting system? I keep getting complaints now that people don’t wanna bother commenting anymore because they have to log in. Can this function get erased from my blogs somehow ? When I say function I mean the must log in to comment part.



    Hundreds of people have complained. It has something to do with WP changing their authentication system, and obviously there are still serious problems. My comments have dropped from 10 or 15 a post to 1 or 2.


    Please stop asking for a password. After making a comment it wouldn’t give me a new password and wouldn’t take the old one. After erasing my comment it then took my password for an additional comment I made. Can my previous statement be found? I’m on the Entry Level Derry site. Many of the contributors are also having this problem! Eileen Breen (email redacted)


    Also can you make this site easier to find it took me 5 tries to find it. It should be on your site’s webpage when you sign up for the account. Can and edit feature be added to the leave a reply section for the writer not just the editor?


    I have the same problem with a friend. She made the mistake of creating a wordpress account when she first attempted to go to my blog instead of using her email account. Now when she tries to leave a comment on one of my posts, it wants her username and password for her wordpress account. She just wants to leave a comment with her name and email address; she doesn’t have a blog and doesn’t want to mess with one. She is also shown as a user on my blog, but is no longer shown as an email subscriber.



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