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  1. Found a miraculous wordpress free host that allows plugins, themes and ftp access.

    You can find my new blog at and decide for yourself.

    It is a steal in every way!

    Woohoo! :)

  2. You shared something similar the other day:

    These new people realy know how to stay cutting edge too:
    <meta name="generator" content="WordPress 2.0" />

  3. Yep I did... That one did not allow plugins and even the theme installation was difficult.. This one seems better in that sense.

  4. I am just curious to know why or are not so popular as These sites allow you to customise themes and also use plug-ins . That means, they allow you to do all the thing s you do when you install wordpress (only diffenrence is in these sites you have to use their name in your url while self installed blog s u can use your domain name.)
    I am wondering why these sites are not so popular even they use wordpress themes and also allows you to customise themes.

  5. I don't particularly want customization. I'm not a fiddler or a techie; I just want to know that what I put on the blog isn't going to blow it up or feed my credit card info to Nigerian spammers.

    It's not SO HORRIBLE that they're using older versions of WordPress. After all, it works. If you always have to have the latest thing, you're probably used to paying for it one way or another.

    I have one blog where I arranged for hosting, at, and one blog here, and this one here is FAR easier to post to. I did eight posts today; the other one I haven't posted to since last week.

  6. The interface is just like on
    Blogsome is somewhat different and does not allow imports. There is the same problem with and

    Blorc expects you to post five times on their forums before approving your account. I think that is a good enough method to eliminate spammers and bots.

    I think we must not be blindly prejudiced and appreciate a proper use of wordpress wherever it is. :)

  7. I have tried blogsome, before creating my podcast here on wordpress. I am much familiar with wordpress and I have created this podcast only within hour, so for me ,it is too easy to use wordpress. Only drawback (can't say drawback as I can link to audio file) is that I can't use audio flash player (but I hope this will be forthcoming feature) and I am totally satisfied with wordpress...
    I just want to know are these sites are part of wordpress? As these sites use wordpress themes and its platform, are they in any way connected with wordpress?

  8. "It's not SO HORRIBLE that they're using older versions of WordPress."
    It is when site security is a risk...

  9. Details, please? After all, it was current WordPress software not that long ago.

  10. The details will be on the blog
    Versions are released for a number of reasons, sometimes security.
    Wouldn't you prefer a host that kept up-to-date?

  11. Question:

    Why are you advertising a (potentially) rival blogging service on the support forum?

  12. Hey..I am not advertising. Besides I dont think they are "rivals" because they use WORDPRESS.

    There were a certain things I looked for at which were not available. There are certain other things in which is incredibly cool.

    This was only for those people who might want to switch over for those requirements which are not met by

    The intention was certainly not to create controversy. There are people here who discuss moving to other hosts. This was done in a similar tone.

  13. I still see WordPress 1.2 sites out there. Talk about security risks...

    There are a number of free WordPress hosts out there. Usually though when you deal with free webhosting, you're giving up something in return, usually either customer service or server capabilities.

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