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Must Upgrade to Use Site Meter, Google Analytics, etc.??

  1. Do I need to buy the CSS upgrade in order to use Site Meter or Google Analytics? I know you have to be able to add HTML to your page to use these meters, and I haven't found any other way on my current blog to do this without an upgrade.


  2. Actually the CSS upgrade is just that. You're allowed to edit the CSS for your theme. Has nothing to do with anything else and you don't get any added benefits or access from it.

    Both those topics have been discussed at very great length already in the forums. Google Analytics/ Urchin are not allowed as they're javascripts and those are stripped from all use input because they put all of the blogs here at risk since we're on a shared enviorment. Also it would be against Google's ToS to add them in here since they're already used by staff as part of the Top100 tracking.

    Sitemeter is discussed in the FAQ at the head of the forums with a link as to how to add it in. Many of us already use the service. The javascript version of it though is not allowed as it is a javascript as well. I believe they discuss this at fairly great length over on the sitemeter site and even have their own page for

    Hope this helps,

  3. (1) Neither of these have anything to do with upgrading thus the answers to your questions would be the same even if your did css customize your blog.
    (2) You do not need to upgrade to place a sitemeter on your blog.
    (3) Google Analytics code is not permitted. The reason you cannot have Google analytics on your blog as wordpress already uses them and Google will not allow two scripts to run together.

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