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    OK: I need to reclaim my email for from your folks. The folks at 1and1 .com say they need a numeric IP Address (A-Record) and/or a IPv6 Addr. (AAAA-Record) so I can shift my MX-Record back tr 1and1. Or maybe there’s some other way to do this? I just need to get this done so I can reprint my business cards. Help!
    Chaplain Tom Jackson

    The blog I need help with is



    Have you renewed your domain and mapping on your Upgrades page?



    Your MX records at Store -> Domains -> Edit DNS in your blog’s Dashboard appear to be pointed to Hotmail.

    All you’ll need to do is ask 1&1 for their MX Records and add them to that section.

    The method of pointing your domain to your site via na A Record requires using an IP address or specific server, which we don’t support. Your site does not have a static IP address or specific server. Instead, requests to load your site are shifted between several IP addresses and servers in order to balance the demand on servers. This means that specifying an IP address or server won’t work, so it’s best to just get the MX record from them and add those here.

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