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    Dear WordPress,
    I’m having some issues with my 123-reg email address at the moment.
    Having spoken to the team there they have said I need to speak to you about changing my mx records to the following. (priority 20) (priority 10)

    Can you help?

    The blog I need help with is



    This is how to change the DNS records

    But the format is not correct in your example and MX records are not my strongest suit so I am reluctant to suggest something that might not work – so I will flag this for the staff to review your records


    Thanks Aux. I’ve followed the support but I’m not literate at all in wordpress so not sure about what I have to put in where (which gaps to fill)


    At the moment I have the below in the Custom DNS box

    MX 10
    MX 20



    The mx0 is the part I am not sure about – MX records are very format sensitive and there is not a one format fits all – different hosts have slightly different formats – what worked on my old host did not work here but in the end when the format was fixed my email worked – same info but a bit different format – I think something might go in place of the mx0 but not sure what

    MX 10 ????
    I keep thinking something goes where the ??? are


    123-reg said mx0 and mx1 should go where the ???’s are.

    Annoying as they’ve reset my settings and now website is down..grrrr.

    Thanks for your help :)



    I shall pop those in – daft question, is that all I will need to insert? No other code or text?


    Have just tried those and it comes up with an error (which may mean previous ones are correct?)



    That should do it – not sure if there is a propagation issue with the records or not (time for changes to migrate across the internet)

    good luck

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