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    I recently mapped an existing domain from Yahoo small business to WordPress. I want to keep the email that I have with yahoo which includes my domain name. I followed the directions on your site and requested MX records from Yahoo. This is the response that they sent me –

    If you want to use Yahoo! for mails then you need to keep the nameservers and MX records to Yahoo! and get the IP address from WordPress for your website and then you can create Arecord for your domain name( and * but after this you will not be able to access the mails via You have to use pop client, phone and via webmail.

    To restore your domain name servers to default Yahoo! name servers, follow the steps outlined on the following help page:

    Once the nameservers are restored then you can create the Arecord using the URL mentioned below:

    An A record is a DNS record that can be used to point your domain name and host names to a static IP address. Changing DNS records is only recommended for advanced users.

    To create an A Record, please follow the steps outlined in the following help page:

    But as a workaround i can suggest you to create the blog on Yahoo! and then import the content on Yahoo! using the steps mentioned below in the URL, by doing this you don’t have to pay WordPress for hosting.

    Is this correct? Should I ask them for the MX records again? Boy oh boy this is confusing. Please help – Thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry but all I know is how to point to what’s here >



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    OK. Thank you. Any help on this will be a relief.



    I’m sorry. It’s the weekend and Staff work forward from the threads with the earliest dates to the most recent ones.



    Unfortunately, it looks like you may need to comply with Yahoo’s request.

    See this post for reference:


    Hello again. I sent Yahoo another email requesting the MX records and they provided me with them. Is it ok to post them on this forum and are you able to assist me in formatting them properly and entering them in? thank you.

    Also, in the previous message sent, it seems as though the person resolved their issue without changing the servers back to yahoo. I also would like to stay with wordpress but need to keep my business email with yahoo.



    Sure, if you post them, we’ll help you get them formatted properly.


    Ok thanks. This is what they sent me.



    Ok, so go into your Dashboard > Store > Domains.

    Select the domain you’d like to modify ( and click the “Edit DNS” link.

    In the Custom DNS form, put this in:


    While you’re in there, remove:

    MX 10

    Validate it, then save them. There will be a delay from the time you save the records until they are updated (not with WordPress, but with other DNS providers; changes will propagate out over the next day or so).


    great! thanks a million



    You’re very welcome, I can already see the change already from here.

    Here’s a handy little tool you can use to check the propagation status. It’s not authoritative (since there a tons more DNS servers out there) but it gives you a general idea.


    I just want to follow-up and say thank you for your assistance. My email is working now.



    Outstanding, glad to hear it!

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