my 12 hr ago post has disapeared! CENTERING the popup image

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    I was contacted by support but they didn’t read my message properly!
    so if it was them that removed my post assuming that they had resolved my request then here it is again

    i use opera and everythin is 100% as i want it

    the problem is with mirosoft internet explorer

    when you click on the thumbnail you want to see larger the clicked on image pops up to the far left and not in the centre of the page as it does in opera!
    i do not want to centre the thumbnails as that is not the problem they are just fine

    is it the setting in internet explorer that needs to be ajusted?
    if that is the case then that’s out of my control




    sorry here is the link so you can see what is going on!
    pls click on any of the thumbnails
    you have to be using microsoft brower
    the one that give you gastly blue boarders too – resolved thanx to forum!
    border=0 [space!]



    That is, as far as I know, just how that browser does it. That’s how Firefox does it, too. You have linked the thumbnails to the files. Try linking them to the pages instead.



    thanx a mil!
    will consult someone how to do this
    i look at the codes and my head spins!



    You don’t need to look at code. When you hit the Send to Editor button, make sure you’ve selected “Link to page”, that’s all.



    >Send to Editor button, make sure you’ve selected “Link to page”, that’s all.


    i feel slightly nauseous at the prospect of having to reload all my images to then hit “send to editor”
    it’s the only time i’ve had that option – seen “send to editor”
    pls confirm that this is what i have to do – just to make sure i’ve understood what you are telling me!




    Try it on a new post first and make sure it turns out the way you want. Then you’ll have to go back and change the links, but I’m not sure you have to re-upload the images. You might just have to change something in the code. Someone more informed might post the solution here. Meanwhile, do a test post and see if it comes out the way you like.



    I just tested it, and it does appear you’re going to have to go back and re-upload those files if you want them all changed. Even worse, doesn’t like files re-uploaded with the same name, so I always advise people to change the name, then re-upload. It’s a huge pain, though, just to get all your pop-ups on the pages.

    This is the code for linking to FILE:
    <a href="" title="test"><img src="" alt="test" />Link to file</a>

    And this is the code for linking to POST for the same thumbnail:
    <a href=" Number" rel="attachment wp-att-Some Number" title="picturetitle"><img src="" alt="picturetitle" /></a> Link to page'

    As you can see, they’re quite different. And that number is probably unique to your blog as well.



    thanx soooo much you wonderful person you!

    have copied and pasted yr code lines – incase this disapears!
    i did set up another blogg to experiment with – with no success
    funny how all is fine with OPERA – to go to all that trouble for microsoft really urks me
    but the majority of potential clients use it or maybe not…..
    you don’t have an apple by any chance?
    i wonder what happens with an apple?
    i do have a friend who has one
    but he’s very difficult to get hold of!
    will try experimenting tomorrow
    thanx again

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