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My Account Is Banned & I Did Nothing Wrong....??

  1. Hey! I am not gonna lie...I'm really peeved right now and here's why: My account just got banned about a week ago and ever since the first day I noticed this I have sent about 7-10 emails to WordPress and they haven't answered me, not a single email or anything and I know of no other way to get ahold of their besides through email - is their a number?!

    Anyhow, my account got banned because they said that I have supposedly violated their terms of service although I believe that I haven't - although, I can understand why they thought so. It is an innocent misunderstanding. I post my poetry and creative works to my blog that are hand-written by me and 100% my own. I don't think that is the reason for my banning however, I believe they banned me because they 'thought' that I was using my blog as a means of black hat promoting or something or other.

    However...I am NOT. I am also posting in my blog the steps I am taking whilst trying to earn an income writing articles online. I am merely chronicilizing my progress because I have never done it before, and I know I would be interested in reading how someone is trying to make money online if I were someone else. There are so many fakes and frauds goin' around town that 'real' information is hard to find.

    Let me tell everyone (hoping WordPress might read this, as they aren't reading my emails apparantly) what I am NOT doing. I am NOT posting the articles that I write to my blog, I am NOT promoting any affiliate links, I am NOT trying to turn a profit on my blog in any way, shape, or form, I am NOT using my blog to rank on Google besides for poetry if that's allowed, I am NOT promoting any sales pages, and I am NOT using the traffic I recieve on my blogs anywhere else besides on my blog, and my other social networks because I like to stay connected with everyone that I meet.

    Can anyone tell me where I might have went wrong to warrant being banned? I have nothing on my blog that that relates to any of those things mentioned above...the ONLY outgoing links that I am using (as I just mentioned) are my myspace link, twitter link, and facebook link. When they reach those social networks - even there they won't find any continuing links to anything I am promoting or affiliating for. Sooo...I don't understand.

    I just spent two whole days optimizing my blog with my own custom header, and uploading all of the poetry I have made over the course of 2 years, and then I sign in on Day 3 and *POOF* my site is banned. I don't understand, and I cannot reach ANYONE to help me with like I said, I'm rather frustrated. Can anyone here help me figure out what to do - how I can reach WordPress, or any other possible reasons I was banned, or anything.

    I'm a good girl who just loves to blog - I'm not trying to be on WordPress's 'bad side' and if I am now, then it was completely 100% accidental. Any advice or suggestions would be well heeded. Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Advice - contact Staff directly

  3. Sorry there is nothing the volunteers can do or will do to help you with this matter if your blog was suspended then you should of received a message on your dashboard with a contact link to contact staff. I suggest using the link to get a hold of them There is NO other way around this process

    Also please reframe from posting any future threads pertaining to blog suspensions.

  4. Lolz...I always seem to do the wrong thing don't I? I only posted here on the forum because I wasn't getting any responses through email, and I DID email them from the link on my dashboard, as well as contacting them directly with the link from timetheif. Thanks to both of you however for the suggestions, but they didn't work. Hence, why I had no other option but to try the forums...?? I am at a loss, and really not liking wordpress anymore to be honest. I loved the EFF out of it just a week ago lolz....this is horrible support. I'm terribly sorry if that offends but it is merely my opinion. All I want is my blog back...then I'll be happy again. I told them to get ahold of me so that I can fix whatever needs to be fixed with it. I'll delete, edit, re-type, erase, whatever it takes to get it back, it doesn't matter to me because I wasn't trying to get banned in the first place. *Sigh....I don't know...whatever I guess.

    Thanks again....

  5. After you have contacted staff, you should receive an email from them.

    Be sure to check the email you signed up with for And check the spam folder on that email. Sometimes email responses end up there, depending on the settings you have on your email program.

  6. Judging from the Google cache, you've fallen afoul of the regulations against creating a "how to get rich on the internet" blog. If your blog here is NOT dedicated to that, you might want to make sure you don't include "striking it rich online" among your stated goals on your About page:

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