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    Apologies for having raised your eyebrow, Houston, but I have a real struggle. I set up a blog in English a year ago with the help of a friend in Germany but didn’t follow it through. Now I want to re-activate the blog but found the language settings had been changed into German. It was fairly simple to revert both the blog and interface language back to English. The problem is that the very top bar on the page, “My Account – My Dashboards – New Post —— Bloginfo”, is still in German. To make matters more puzzling, when I am on this forum page the top bar is in English. When I go back to my blog through “My Dashboards” and there the language is back to German again!

    Spent so much time searching all language and dashboard pages (support, FAQ, forums) to no avail. Any ideas how to fix this problem? Or is there a time-lag of sorts? I’m hoping for a solution with fingers crossed. Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is alakurda.wordpress.com.


    Log out, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then log back in.



    Thanks. It worked. Log out, re-start browser, log back in. Why isn’t such a simple procedure mentioned in relevant FAQ and Support sections? You gotto love these community help forums.


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    Yes you do gotta love this forum!
    The official wordpress.com support, FAQ, and basic Forum-search, or tags on the sidebar here are confusing!
    Often useful is a site search on Google:
    site:https://en.forums.wordpress.com/ what you are searching for here

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