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My account was hacked and they're editing my site.

  1. ...then registered and made him/herself an admin even though I have not allowed self-registration for some time.

    The above, not to mention that @lynnf08 mentions contacting dreamhost would lead one to believe it is self-hosted. We at cannot have "self-registration" but on a .ORG site you can.

  2. And of course, nobody knows where Toothless's blog is hosted. Sounds like a troll to me.

  3. Hi emmicafe,

    It looks like you are now inactive. Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I'm trying to stay off wordpress.

    raincoaster, I'm not a troll. Both of the blogs that have been hacked are on WordPress. If that's what you mean. The artwork on the headers have been altered.

  4. And you claimed "me too!" and we still don't know where you're hosted.

  5. There are two types of wordpress sites. Those hosted here at wordpress.COM, and those that are self-hosted on third-party hosting services such as dreamhost, bluehost, etc., using the software from wordpress.ORG. Two totally different things.

  6. My blog is hosted at

  7. What is the URL then? at least one of the people in this thread isn't hosted at; it's not possible for people to add themselves as Users to a blog.

    Disable Post by email immediately if you think you've been hacked. Delete all people with User permissions you don't want as Users. And do not re-enable post by email; that seems to be the weak link here. And change the password on your email as well.

  8. And I'm sorry I called you a troll. It had been a very long day.

  9. iamtheonlyrightcoastgirl

    This occurred three years ago you did nothing, he has hacked my account, inserted a banner that I've screen shots of everything, inserts his articles, changes my articles, the banner he inserted just showed up on this page, I don't know if you'll receive this. He's got blogs on WordPress ,, is one, I think the other is, he deleted a Blog of men and I paid for a premium theme and haven't used it yet!
    Help me this is so illegal the least you can do is ban him from word press. He changed my Avatar, inserted his on the sticky post front page.
    Please help me,this is out of hand, I keep buying things from you and look what happens.
    Thank you

  10. iamtheonlyrightcoastgirl

    That's not my avatar he changed. It again my hacked blog is

  11. You need to contact staff about this. There is absolutely nothing that we volunteers here in the forums can do about it. On Monday when the support contact form reopens go to .

  12. In the mean time:

    As noted above - change your password, delete any users that are not authorized, make sure your PC does not have any logging viruses and disable / change post by email if it is enables.

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