"My Activity" is inefficient. I want "My comments" back.

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    Seems, a few days ago you replaced the “My Comments” page (…wordpress.com/wp-admin/index.php?page=my-comments) with a redirection to a new page called “My Activity” (http://wordpress.com/#!/activities/).

    From my point of view form should follow function. Unfortunately the new page works vice-versa: anything is “bigger” and more colorful, but much less useful:

    – Worse overview: I can’t see my comments at other blogs _at a glance_, but only between the posts I liked.

    – Less functionality: I only see _my_ comments. I cannot see if anyone answered them and I cannot answer directly, so I explicitely have to subscribe any post which I commented to get noticed about answers.

    Please undo this or add a sub page for comments only to “My Activity”. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is nummervier.wordpress.com.


    The main thread for this issue is over here:

    Others are not happy about this. Add your voice there.

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