My admin bar has lost it's css…

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    I moved a client site from one hosting company to another just recently and it all appears to be working fine…but, when I go to the login page here:
    I get a login screen that appears to have no css. Problem one.

    Then if I “visit site” whilst still logged in, the normal admin bar shows at the top of the page. If I click away from the home page, the admin bar disappears from the top of the page and I get everything as text links at the bottom of the page under all of my content.

    If I’m not logged in, I don’t see these text links…so, for presentation’s sake, it’s fine for public consumption, but there is obviously something that is not quite right, so I’d like to fix it…any ideas?



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    To supportbot…the blog in question is It is a client site, not my site, so did not appear in the drop down menu when I submitted my query…but thanks anyway.



    It’s not a free hosted blog. We cannot help you here. you’ll find help at the forums.


    Yep…no worries. Figured that out about one second after I posted. Sorry.


    OK…Just in case anyone, looks up this post (I do run a personal blog on here and would like to help out) I seem to have resolved this issue.

    I was also having an issue with Jetpack not connecting to WordPress. I gave me a “site_url” missing error. In resolving that issue, I seem to have resolved the admin bar issue as well.

    All I did (embarrassingly enough) was put in the
    WordPress Address (URL) field.

    It was already in the Site Address (URL), because that’s where my install was.

    Hope this helps!

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