My Admin dashboard is excruciatingly slow

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    I have two WordPress websites and they were and are extremely, painfully slow. I have followed to many online tutorials for checking issue, increasing speed, tips & tricks, been through so many good and also useless plugins to monitor the wordpress websites, all with no performance increase.
    I have been through 2 different hosting companies and the problems persist.
    I have completely redesigned one of the websites (with a different theme) and the slowness is still there.
    In order to create a new page I have to spend a looot of time waiting for the admin interface to load.

    Is everybody going through this when managing a WordPress site ? Is WordPress a really really really slow management system or what is going on with it ? Are there any monitoring systems useful in finding a potential problem with one’s plugins or settings maybe ?

    Any help is greatly appreciated !


    BTW, the website for which I changed hosting, design and theme is here;

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