My ads have gone (cannot see on iPhone or iPad)

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    Hi! I was accepted for WordAds recently and have seen them on my laptop when viewing my blog from there. However this morning I’m on my iPhone and iPad but there are no ads visible. Can someone help me with this? Much appreciated,

    The blog I need help with is



    hi Elisha
    I am seeing ads on my iPhone on your site. But I don’t see them on iPad so will investigate.


    Thanks. I can see them on my phone again but not the ipad still.



    I still cannot see ads on ipad. Is there any way this can be fixed? I’d like to earn through ipad and I am sure the advertisers would too?

    Many thanks,




    Hi. I am still seeing ads on iPhone on your site as are my colleagues. Which country are you viewing the iPhone from? I’ll email you so that we can speed this up.


    Sorry, to clarify, it is my ipad I cannot see ads on, not iphone. I am in Australia.



    Thanks for letting us know. We will work to make sure ads are on iPad.

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