my articles wont go throgh

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    I tried to post an article three times today and it keeps disappearing.also whenever i save a draft things I wrote in the article there any way to prevent this from happening?



    Depends what’s disappearing. If it’s formatting, there could be any number of reasons. The easiest way for us to help you is for us to be able to see what you’re posting. Can you give us a link to an article that posts okay but stuff in it disappears?

    Also, check your post times: it’s possible you set it to post in the future so it won’t show up yet; it’ll be in your Manage file. Check there.

    We need more details. When you say you tried to post and it keeps disappearing, what message are you getting, what page do you get to after you hit Publish, etc. All of that stuff is what we need to know.


    thats the problem,whenever I try and post an article it does show up,but as soon as I leave the page it says it cant be found and then its off my site.also the missing words are from when I save my draft,it doesnt save what I changed and gives me the draft that automaticly saved.



    I’d send a feedback with links to posts this happened on, and in the meantime use this workaround:

    Just before you post, when everything is just the way you like it, copy EVERYTHING in the post box and while it’s still highlighted hit Publish. It seems to work better that way. If you check the page in the blog and it’s still messing up, you can just hit Edit and paste in everything you copied and it will be all there. Hit Save and you should have the full version.

    But don’t forget to send the feedback.


    hmm,wp must have just been having problems,it works now.



    Do the copy all thing anyway, every time you post. It sure beats losing something you worked on a long time. That way the next time they have a glitch, you wont’ lose anything.



    I agree that having a copy of every post is the way to go “just in case”. You can do this in another way too. For example, if you use an off-line blog editor like BlogDesk you will have a back-up copy of every draft and every published post that you make.

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