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my audio links don't work.

  1. everytime i try posting an audio file [audio_http://filename.mp3] (i know ther is no underscore, just did that so it'd show up) it neer works. its says "error opening file". why doens't it work!?!?!

  2. You need to break the link using the broken link icon in the Visual editor when you post it. If the link is active it will mess things up. Try that and report back.

  3. AHHHHH, i seeee. i was in the visual tab, you have to do it in the code tab. im a moron. sorry.

    thanks for the help.

  4. *chuckle* That's why some of us just use the normal text editor and say the heck with the fancy editor. :)

  5. I never use the code editor for this and it still works for me. Wonder why?

  6. Not a moron but a beginner :)

  7. Heck, even I learn something new once in a while around here. :)

  8. Likewise situation here on the WP mp3 player issue. Paid subscriber. Trying to get this done since this am. Checked the entire forum for help on the topic,,, and followed instructions accordingly.
    Got the file uploaded, broke the link in the Visual editor, player is up but says "error reading file".

    Whats the magic besides being told to break the link and use newer audio compression software?
    I extracted the audio from CD with Adobe Audition 1.5.
    I see this is working for others,, but still here sweatin' the technique..

  9. What's the link to the file? If we can see the file itself, maybe we can figure something out. For whatever reason, extracting from CD doesn't seem to work very well; my best guess is that it makes the file simply too large.

  10. [audio ken-nordine-green.mp3]
    The audio I need to work with on my blog is extracted from CD on my local and compressed down to mp3. The mp3 file is 1.44mb, 44.1khz.
    The file is worded differently without hyphens on my local. When I upload it, WP puts the hyphens in the link without my doing. Not sure if this has something to do with it.

    Thanks for the effort raincoaster..

  11. I'm sorry, but I've exhausted my expertise on this. That's a reasonable size for sure. Perhaps you could rename the file on your computer to remove the spaces; then re-upload and maybe that will prevent the problem by eliminating the hyphens? It's a lot of work, but it might help. If that doesn't work, send a feedback on Monday if nobody else has figured this out.

  12. Deleted the post, renamed the file,, re-uploaded,, still not working with "error reading file" on the player button. I'll get this issue off to WP tech supp. on Monday then. I see this has been going on since last year for some. It makes me wonder how the WP people are dealing with this. As simple as it seems,,it's interesting to imagine that one has to pay $ for extra storage to deal with this.

    Thanks again for your kind efforts..

  13. You could also try third-party hosting at or another source. I use, but they've disallowed uploading for new users. Box still enables it, I see.

    In my experience, WordPress doesn't generally do things to drive users towards paid upgrades. I'd have paid for something before now if that were true. But this is only my own opinion.

  14. What is the exact url you are using coia for the link? This format won't work as it is not the complete URL:

    [audio ken-nordine-green.mp3]

    It would have to be the following format:


    Right click on the file in the editor and get the exact URL of the file and don't forget the = sign in the format.


  15. WordPress MP3 Player Activated. thank you trent.
    The problem here was that parts of the file name were missing in the URL because WP had added a Date to the uploaded file without my knowledge. In this case, the date today being [2007/04] was added to the url which I wasn't including in the editor to point to the uploaded mp3 file.

    The most important points to resolution that I should stress to anyone with this mp3 "Error Reading File" WordPress Audio Player problem is- before you start with anything else, make sure you have the exact file name and associated url in your editor by following these steps:

    After you upload your file...
    -Go to "Manage" of your account page.
    -Go to "Uploads" tab.
    -Click on your audio file that you want to work with.
    -Copy the exact URL as is shown there.
    -Paste it in the "Code" text editor. MAKE SURE YOU PUT THE BRACKETS AROUND THE URL as trent describes above.

    This was my issue solved in a very simple fashion.

    Thanks trent and raincoaster for your help.

  16. glad you got it working!


  17. I'm bookmarking this in case it relates to my files. Thanks for the workthrough, however annoying it may have been.

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